Since its foundation, Termomecanica has made it a point to invest in professional development, as well as in the access to work opportunities that are free of discrimination or benefit of any nature. Its staff reflects its policy to stimulate diversity. Teamwork is encouraged, and any success or failure is shared to contribute to the development of professionals in their search for process improvement and business perpetuity.

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Termomecanica, ranks amongst the largest Brazilian private companies and is the leader in the processing of non-ferrous metal sector – copper and its alloys – and also in semi-finished and finished products. We believe that people are fundamental to our success and because of it we seek to talents that can add value to our business.

The values set by our company are:

  • Altruism;
  • Social and environmental responsibility;
  • Ethics and transparency;
  • Competence and discipline;
  • Valuing and respect for people;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Care for our property;
  • Pride in belonging.

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With the purpose of facilitating the admission of youths to the labor market as a means to transform their personal and social reality and enable their professional education without compromising their studies and personal development, Termomecanica offers opportunities in the administrative, operational and maintenance areas to youths from 16 to 22 years old through its Apprentice Program.


Our interns work in different areas of the company. In order to hire and monitor them, we use the criteria of professional education, which involves social, professional and behavioral learning, according to their professional context. Interns go through a job rotation in several areas of the organization and participate in training programs focused on professional development. Our interns are offered an allowance that is compatible with the market practices, as well as medical and dental assistance, transportation, in-house restaurant, life insurance and agreement with drugstores.


As part of its culture and values, Termomecanica offers a differentiated benefits policy to its employees and family members. Most of these benefits are granted voluntarily and with no financial consideration.

The benefits below are currently granted to our permanent employees:

  • Medical and Dental Assistance:
  • Donation of Medicines;
  • Chartered buses or transportation voucher;
  • Profit Sharing;
  • Private Pension Plan;
  • In-house Restaurant;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Food allowance.

Development, Career and Education

Taking advantage of its internal potential and offering career improvement options to keep staff motivated are among the challenges TM continuously tries to overcome. In this sense, priority is given to our own employees when it comes to filling out new vacancies. For this reason, vacancies are initially disclosed in our Bulletin Boards and Corporate Portal, on the intranet.

In order to assess the salary bands for positions in the company, Termomecanica goes beyond: it makes a comparison with the market so as to maintain the internal and external balance of compensation. For this reason, the company regularly promotes or participates in compensation polls in order to maintain attractive compensation levels that are compatible with career prospects, keeping an attractive package for the professional development of its employees.

When the subject is professional development, Termomecanica also stands out. The company systematically provides indoor and outdoor training programs to all employees, aiming at their technical and operational qualification, offering quality, productivity, safety and management tools.

Other initiatives that are held and encouraged by TM also contribute to the professional development of its employees, corroborating the company's confidence in people’s capacity to grow.

In addition to offering on-site development actions, the Termomecanica Corporate University makes available more than 300 distance learning courses through video-classes, divided into eight competences and some 40 sub-competences. In 2014, 888 certificates were issued for 980 programs completed by 340 TM employees.

The company also offers an area of approximately 1,400-m2 named “TM Cultural Space” in its two units, enabling access to knowledge and keeping employees connected to major information means and modern learning methods. To this end, the area offers internet connection, library, record library, film library, study and projection room, and lounges. The physical library's collection includes some 4,500 volumes, while our records collection has 500 pieces. Several magazines and up-to-date periodicals are available on a daily basis. Employees have 38 computers available for access to the internet. The games and installed TV sets contribute to entertainment and relaxation during break times. Due to another strategic partnership intended to make our educational objectives feasible, the employees are also able to access a virtual university library and enjoy hundreds of books from renowned publishing houses in different areas of knowledge. Our online system is available fulltime and free of charge, and offers advanced research tools and accessibility resources for the visually impaired.

Occupational Safety

For us, life is more important than productivity. For this reason, we work on the search for sustainability and quality of life for our employees. We hold ISO 45001 certification as a result of our commitment to complying with all occupational health and safety standards, legislations, and procedures.

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Termomecanica, one of the major private companies in Brazil, is a leader in the non-ferrous metals (copper and its alloys) processing sector.
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